TitleMax Tip – Gas Saving Tips!

Gas is an expensive, but necessary part of our daily life. That’s why today we are sharing some of our favorite tips on saving gas!

Adjust your driving habits!
We know this can be difficult. Many of us have been driving the same way for years; however, some of the biggest gas saving tips that exist all have to do with how you drive. Below are three driving tips that are sure to help you save some money by filling up less!

Look ahead
We’ve all seen the people on the interstate that are constantly slamming on their brakes. By continuously speeding up and slamming on your brakes, you are using more gas. Instead, try focusing your attention as far down the road as possible. By doing so you will be able to see any congestion and react accordingly instead of slamming on your brakes at the last second. This tactic can also be utilized in town. If approaching a red light, try to start slowing down enough that by the time you arrive at the light, it’s already green! Speeding up from 5 or even 10 miles per hour will be easier on the gas than starting up from a full stop.

Slow down
This is not something most of us like to hear but it can really make a difference on how often you visit the pump! When driving in town, try to accelerate and stop at lights and signs a bit slower than usual. By starting and stopping at a slower rate you will save gas and stretch your money. Driving slower can also play a significant role in how much gas your vehicle uses. More often than not, you are only saving a minute or 2 by driving faster, so consider driving the speed limit.

If you have cruise control and are in a situation on the interstate to use it, do! It keeps your car at a consistent speed, therefore you are not accelerating unintentionally and using up gas!

Fill your gas tank!
Some say fill up at the ½ way mark. Others claim it’s best to wait until you reach ¼ of a tank. Well, no matter when you choose to fill up your tank, make sure to fill up all the way! Operating your vehicle on fumes can cause sludge build up in your tank to be sucked into the pump and/or carburetor. Over time, this can cause you to spend a lot of money on repairs. Experts also claim that when your tank is less than ½ or ¼ empty, the gas in the tank has more room to vaporize and evaporate, causing you to visit the pump more frequently.

Maintain your fuel injectors!
The fuel injectors in your vehicle can become clogged with fuel varnish deposits, causing a variety of car problems, including the excess use of gas. This is one of the main reasons we suggest using a fuel injector cleaner to ensure your injectors are free and clear of dirt and deposits. Fuel injector cleaner causes fuel to burn more efficiently for greater fuel economy and fewer emissions! Fuel injector cleaners can be found at most gas stations or auto parts stores and start at just $5.99. In most cases, you simply pour the cleaner into your gas tank and you’re done, but make sure to read the directions, as products and instructions may vary. It is also recommended that you use a fuel stabilizer when maintaining your injectors. A fuel stabilizer, like the injector cleaner, can be purchased at most auto parts stores for as little as $6.99. The stabilizer helps extend the life of your fuel, causing you to make fewer trips to the pump! As with the injector cleaner, make sure to read the instructions on the bottle you purchase.

Maintaining your vehicle’s injectors can help protect your vehicle from more severe car trouble. This can prove beneficial if you ever need to use your vehicle as collateral with a title loan. A vehicle that is in good working condition is going to be worth more than one that has trouble starting (a sign of clogged fuel injectors).

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