TitleMax Locations Throughout Dallas Provided Thanksgiving Meals for Families in Need

What better way to show you care than to give back to your community? That’s how TitleMax® locations throughout Dallas, TX feel. And, this past Thanksgiving, they put that into action!

Dallas TitleMax® stores collaborated with other local retailers to provide more than 100 Thanksgiving meals for families in need at an alternative school in Garland, TX. Some of these families had never even experienced a true Thanksgiving, where the family sits around the table and enjoys a variety of delicious dishes while spending quality time with one another.

Several of the TitleMax® employees, including Customer Service Representatives, Store Managers and General Managers, as well as Regional and District Managers, gathered together and planned a festive event for these students and their families, alike. The (soon to be) annual event was held at a local school where more than 250 people enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal, played games, and enjoyed various types of entertainment. When the celebration came to a close, each child was then provided with a turkey and its necessary ingredients to prepare a home-cooked Thanksgiving for the actual day. What an outstanding way to show you care!

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