TitleMax of Spartanburg, SC Sponsors Family for Christmas

TitleMax® of Spartanburg, SC is grateful to have the opportunity to sponsor a family in need this Christmas season. The family selected is that of a TitleMax® customer, who after 10 years of working at the same employer, was just recently let go. Additionally, the 10-year old son of the chosen family has spent time in the emergency room for various medical complications. The son stated that all he hopes to have for Christmas is a tree with lights!

The TitleMax® of Spartanburg team quickly stepped up to the plate and provided this family with a tree (blanketed in beautiful lights), as well as a bicycle, pajamas, a stocking to hang, and enough food for several meals, including a dinner for Christmas Eve! They also gave cookies to the little boy so that he can leave them out for Santa Claus.

Sponsoring individuals and families in need is one of the several ways that TitleMax® gives back to its communities. We are located throughout 16 states and each store location takes the liberty to plan their own philanthropic events. TitleMax® is honored to be able to assist those in need in as many ways as possible.

About TitleMax®

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