Winter Storm Leon Heads Down South

It’s the middle of winter and that time of the year for the temperatures to drop! Even the Deep South is experiencing this frigid weather which is rare for this part of the country. Winter storm Leon has made its debut stretching hundreds of miles from San Antonio to the Carolinas creating snow throughout Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Southeast Georgia and the low country of South Carolina will get a fair amount of ice. Chances are tree limbs will break and power lines may fall down so be extra cautious if you are in these areas and need to travel. To help keep you on top of things, we’ve listed a few winter weather tips from the American Red Cross and other sources.

1)  Bring pets inside and move livestock to sheltered areas.

2)  Avoid frozen pipes

3)  Stock your pantry with consumable items that do not require refrigeration

4)  Prepare to have one gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation

5)  Keep extra blankets accessible for warmth in case power goes out

6)  Build an emergency kit

7)  Have rock salt on hand in case you need to melt the ice on the walkways (adding sand also improves traction)

8)  Have extra wood for your fireplace and/or wood-burning stove in case power goes out

9)  Be aware of weather conditions at all times by tuning in to the NOAA Weather Radio

10) Stay put in your home if possible

We are serious about this winter weather! It’s imperative that you are extra cautious when bad weather strikes especially if you live in an area that isn’t accustomed to freezing temperatures.

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