What Are YOUR Kentucky Derby Plans?

This Saturday, May 4th, is the 2014 Kentucky Derby! We’re so get excited to celebrate this annual tradition that takes place at Churchill Downs, located on Central Avenue in Louisville, KY. Ladies will don their festive hats while the gentlemen will wear their finest linens and enjoy one of the most popular horse races that occur in the United States. Either you’re one of the lucky 120,000 fans that get the opportunity to watch the race first-hand at Churchill Downs OR you’re celebrating this occasion with friends at home or in a local establishment. Regardless, it’s not something you want to miss. And, if you find that you’re in need of some extra cash this weekend, whether it’s for rent, gas, food, or even for the Kentucky Derby – feel free to stop into your neighborhood TitleMax® and simply let us know.

At TitleMax®, the amount of money you may borrow is determined by factors OTHER than your credit. Instead of reviewing an individual’s credit history, we take into consideration the value of your car, along with other required documentation in order to proceed. TitleMax® is so much faster than the other guys because we can loan you cash in as little as 30 minutes, and we will provide outstanding customer service, too. We are thrilled to announce that our stores are now in 16 states (and growing!) with more than 1,000 store locations. Our team members welcome the opportunity to answer any title loan or title pawn questions you may have; so please, do not hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind in the title lending department.

Some of the reasons we provide service to more than 3,000 individuals each day include the following:

(1)  We offer fast & friendly service
(2)  We provide some of the lowest rates throughout the title lending industry
(3)  We’re expanding our footprint – currently in 16 states
(4)  We do NOT require insurance when getting a car title loan from TitleMax®
(5)  Our customers can continue driving their cars!

So, if you find that you are need of cash in a hurry and don’t have time to kill on the traditional, time-consuming method, consider TitleMax®! We look forward to helping you!

There are just three items you need to obtain a car title loan:

  1. A vehicle registered in the applicant’s name
  2. A clear, or lien-free, car title
  3. A government-issued ID

We now have more than 1,000 locations across the country. To find a store near you, visit our store locator at www.titlemax.com/store-locator and enter your zip code.

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