Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift but don’t have much cash? That’s OK! TitleMax® is here to help!! Not only can we provide you with quick and easy money in typically 30 minutes or less, but we are also here to help you think of inexpensive gifts that Dad will really enjoy. From the businessman to the hunter to the sports fanatic – we’ve got you covered. There are endless options from which you can choose, but today we’re going to give you FIVE!

If your Dad sits in an office all day, he will want to be reminded of his favorite person… who is probably YOU! Why not give him a picture of yourself for him to remember you by?

For the businessman…

  • Customized coffee mugs are a great idea
  • Photo collages will liven up his wall at work
  • What about an exciting mouse pad?
  • Or even create a 12 month calendar with pictures of the family

For the hunter…

  • Does Dad need a new gun case?
  • How about a pocket knife?
  • Deer callers and/or duck callers are an all-time favorite

For the sports fan…

  • Phone cover case with favorite sports logo
  • Baseball cap that represents his favorite team
  • 1-year subscription to a sports magazine

Whatever you decide to get Dad, just remember that it all comes from the heart. So just remembering him this Father’s Day will make him smile. Most of the gifts we’ve listed are relatively inexpensive, but if you find that, for any reason at all, you do need extra cash…just remember that TitleMax® is here to help you. Getting a car title loan with TitleMax® is incredibly easy! We provide our customers with fast and friendly service and the entire loan process requires very little paperwork. We’re also proud to announce that we think our customer service staff is the best in the industry. If you work with us, you’ll get to have the experience of working with outstanding individuals. You can find more details on our website, www.titlemax.com, but do not hesitate to call us or stop in when you have additional questions.

TitleMax® is excited to say that we offer:

  • Any Credit Welcome
  • Quick Approvals
  • Some of the Lowest Rates in the Industry

And after all of that – you even get to keep your car! So there’s no catch! For the life of the loan, you enjoy your vehicle, not us! One thing that’s for certain – be sure to make regularly scheduled, on-time payments, and you’re all set! How easy is that?

TitleMax® has more than 1000 locations throughout 16 states. Our customers know how awesome it is to get fast cash with us (as opposed to any other lending source). If you need fast cash these days, you’re not alone! All we require are the following items:

  1. A vehicle registered in the applicant’s name
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  3. A government-issued ID

Bring these items in with you and you could be instantly approved for a car title loan or pawn.

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For more information or to learn more about our TitleMax® services, click Car Title Loans to be taken to our Frequently Asked Questions page.