TitleMax of Fayetteville, GA #2 Provides Thanksgiving for Needy Family

TitleMax Car Title LoansThe team at TitleMax® of Fayetteville, GA 2 was excited and humbled to provide the Thanksgiving meal for a needy family. Jim R., Victoria H., and Angela F. chose a family in their community that needed a warm Thanksgiving dinner.

The family of 4 has recently experienced both financial and medical hardships which, in turn, had made it a struggle to pay basic bills. The father, a self-employed landscaper, and the mother, an employee at the local hospital, have a two-year old child and a newborn. Complications with the pregnancy caused the mother to go into early labor which caused her to be out of work and, thus, without pay. TitleMax® team Fayetteville #2 gathered together their resources to ensure a happy and healthy Thanksgiving for this deserving family! Go Team Fayetteville #2!!

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