TitleMax Locations of Peoria-Bloomington are Staying Busy!

TitleMax Car Title LoansTitleMax® stores located throughout the Greater Peoria-Bloomington IL area, are really outdoing themselves! Between 6 stores, our fabulous team members are going above and beyond by helping numerous individuals (and even pets) in their communities. Aside from staying active in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and local business clubs, our stores are volunteering their own time to give back in amazing ways. Read these:

  • For starters, each store served as a drop-off point during the holidays for both Toys for Tots and Coats for Kids. Collectively, they donated an abundance of coats, bags of clothing, and toys making the holidays even brighter for the less fortunate.
  • The Peoria location has an ongoing relationship with the Midwest Food Bank, an organization that donates goods to local food shelters. On a regular basis, the employees will volunteer by helping to load the customers’ carts. And for Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner, the staff is coordinating with the Midwest Food Bank staff to plan a special evening for those in the community!  (For more information on this, please contact the office at 309-679-2121.)
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters is an organization that many of our TitleMax® stores across the country enjoy supporting and do so throughout the year. The Illinois locations partook in their annual bowling tournament where they were able to donate money right back to the organization.
  • Who doesn’t love a parade! Our Champaign office was excited to participate in the Farmer City Parade where the team members passed out candy to children AND adults!
  • Don’t forget the blood drive our Bloomington office hosted late last Fall! If you want to re-read the blog, check it out.
  • And get excited because our Bloomington office is partnering with the ASPCA and plans to have pet adoptions at their stores!! The targeted dates are late February/early March, so let us know if you’re interested in volunteering with OR taking a furry friend home with you! Please contact the store for more information.
  • And last, but certainly not least, is Lavon (pictured above) from TitleMax® of Champaign, IL who has an on-going relationship volunteering with Meals on Wheels!!

All in all, January has been an awesome month for our Peoria-Bloomington, Illinois stores! If you have any questions regarding our involvement or suggestions for non-profits that we could partner with, please contact any of our locations using the information below.

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