Keep Your Budget Cool This Summer

Finally, winter holiday bills are paid off and it’s time to relax in the summer sunshine. Yet, with summertime comes high electric bills and temperatures that can make your car overheat, your AC overwork, and your budget overflow.

Summer is a time to enjoy the weather and relax, but the simplest summer activities can have you emptying your wallet before the first bug bites. Fortunately, TitleMax® offers easy and fast solutions to help you stay cool and enjoy summer to the fullest. If you’re in the market for a title loan or pawn, TitleMax® offers competitive rates while providing a superior level of customer service. Over 2,500 people choose TitleMax® every day for a number of reasons:

  • TitleMax® gives you cash for your car title!
  • TitleMax® doesn’t check your credit!**
  • TitleMax® has competitive rates!
  • TitleMax® offers quick approval – get your cash faster!

Applying is easy. Just fill out the quick title loan application and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the loan or pawn that fits you best!

Along with our loan and pawn services, we want to make sure you have the tools to keep your finances on track and save a little. Here a few tips for cutting cost this summer:

1-Yard Maintenance

When watering your yard/garden, water in the mornings or early evening. If you water in the afternoon, the sun will evaporate the water quicker and you will have to use more to ensure your plants stay hydrated.

Also, instead of hiring a landscaper, consider doing yard work yourself or hiring a neighborhood teen. The work may not be perfect, but you will have more money and build character-either for yourself or the entrepreneurial teen.

2-Online Coupons

Visit websites before shopping and check for discount coupons. The few minutes it takes to check online could result in some serious savings!

3-Have a Yard Sale

Now that you’ve done some spring cleaning, sell what you need to get rid of. Yard sales are a great opportunity to clean house, make some extra cash, and get the kids involved. Save the money you make or put it towards a summer vacation!

To learn more about our title lending process, check out our FAQ.