Your Guide To Motorcycle Safety

It’s safe to say Motorcycles are cool. The freedom, ease and individuality they provide create a culture that just screams “Yea, I’m the cool side of the pillow.” But beyond that, they have a low impact on the environment, make parking a cinch, are cheap to maintain, have a lower fuel cost, and offer a thrill like nothing else.

Like any thrill, however, comes risk. Motorcycles provide less protection, which can result in inherent safety issues for riders. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 8.5 million motorcycles were on roadways in 2012. This number, along with accident statistics, is steadily increasing. In 2013, 4,668 people died as a result of motorcycle accidents, according to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. During the same year, about 88,000 motorcycle riders were injured in accidents.

Some accidents are common with motorcycles, so motorcyclists should learn about typical accidents to learn how to avoid them.

Risk: Common accidents include those that involve car drivers not seeing motorcyclists on the road.

Solution: Motorcyclists can take steps to improve their visibility by wearing bright clothing or clothes with reflective stripes or patches.

Risk: Inexperienced riders are a danger to themselves and others on the road.

Solution: New motorcycle riders can take specific steps to prevent common accidents. Some steps include buying a motorcycle that fits the rider, honing skills to learn how to handle the bike, and using defensive driving techniques

Risk: Motorcycles are less resistant to un-maintained roads.

Solution: Riders should expect potholes and be constantly vigilant to avoid them. Even with heightened vigilance, however, motorcyclists should expect and anticipate potholes to avoid serious accidents.

Risk: Motorcycles do not provide protection to inclement weather.

Solution: Weather conditions and road configurations can reduce visibility while riding. Anytime a motorcyclist cannot see adequately, it’s important to slow down or pull over.

Risk: Purchasing a motorcycle on a whim without the proper budget.

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