5 Financial Questions to Ask Before Marriage

So he proposed? So she said yes? Congratulations! Engagements are an exciting time to celebrate and plan the rest of your life with the one you love. From wedding arrangements to your first house together, there are many things you will need to discuss before the big day.

One of those discussions should involve personal finances and sharing financial responsibilities. Every couple is different, which is why you should have a productive conversation on how you are alike and different when it comes to money. To get you started, here are five financial questions to ask before the big day:

1-How much debt do you have?

Young people in debt  is more common than ever. With high student loans and a competitive job market, debt is almost guaranteed. Asking how much debt your significant other has is important if you plan to spend your life with them. Also, if you have debt, you should volunteer this information.

2-What’s your credit score?

Poor credit scores and financial responsibility can lead to big arguments in a marriage. If one person feels like the other isn’t pulling their weight or is bringing down his/her credit worthiness, things can turn sour and potentially lead to divorce. Discussing credit scores before marriage can establish a foundation and make both parties feel comfortable with the topic in the future.

3-What about our children?

Although this may not seem like a financial question, there are a lot of expenses that come with having kids. “Are our kids going to go to private school? Should we set up a fund for college? Can we afford to get them everything they want for Christmas? How much is too much for the tooth fairy to give?” The list is endless. So, on top of asking the “when” and “how many” questions when it comes to having children, go deeper and logically figure out when and how many you can afford.

4-What about our parents?

This is an important question especially if you are both from different backgrounds. Without even noticing, you probably picked up a lot of money habits from your parents. It’s important to discuss how you were raised and how you tend to spend money. Talk about the similarities and differences of your upbringings and how you both view money.

5-Who is paying what?

It’s crucial to understand how money will be handled in your household. Will it be a joint checking account, separate, or a combination of the two? Who is in charge of paying bills? Preparing taxes? Should one person be in charge of finances and bills or should it be a shared effort?

The point of asking these questions is to find out if you are both financially compatible. It is also a chance to get some big topics out of the way before the wedding day. If times get tough financially, you want to make sure you and your partner are on the same page and can handle it together.

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