Everyday Money Saving Tips & Tricks

Everyday Money Saving Tips and Tricks

No matter your financial situation, there is always room to save. Whether at the grocery store, or around the house, there are always opportunities to spend less and save more.

So why is saving so hard? It’s because saving money requires you to change your habits and lifestyle. It requires you to eat out less, buy used more, and stop making impulse purchases.

There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use every day that will help you put back cash. Even the worst shopaholic can save by just following these 10 simple tips:

1 – Save every $5 bill

This is a great trick for people who only carry cash every now and then. Say you make a purchase with a $20 bill and you are given $8 back – three $1 bills and one $5 bill. Save the five! You won’t miss it too much. Plus, you will be glad after a few of these types of purchases. Try saving your $5 bills for six months and see how much you can save!

2 – Carpool

Whether to work or to the gym, carpooling is a great way to save on gas and money for you and your carpool buddy.

3 – Buy used whenever possible

Whether clothes, furniture or cars, you will save when you buy used. Used items are less expensive and just as enjoyable as something that is new, but without the added cost.

4 – Take advantage of DIY content

With YouTube and Pinterest, you can learn to do just about anything! Next time you need to fix something around the house or are thinking about splurging on some jewelry, see if you can find a tutorial and do it yourself!

5 – If you have kids, eat out on “Kids Eat Free” nights

Treat yourself to a night out without overpaying. Lots of restaurants offer deals for parents where kids can eat free on certain nights of the week. Do some research and find out what establishments near you offer this deal.

6 – Online surveys

Your opinion matters! A lot of companies offer incentives for taking a few minutes to review their products or ideas online. It only takes a few minutes to earn money, coupons and vouchers.

7 – Things to not spend money on:

  • Household cleaners

Try making your own floor cleaner using 50% water, 50% vinegar, and 2-3 drops of dish soap. Need other ideas?  Check out more DIY cleaners.

  • Clothes that require dry cleaning

Avoid buying clothes that require significant upkeep like dry cleaning. You will end up paying about double what the outfit originally cost.

  • Salon costs

Look good without overpaying. Next time you need to get your nails done, clean up the cuticles and apply the polish yourself! Also, when getting your hair done, opt for a simpler and shorter cut. It will require less maintenance and gives your hair room to grow, creating a longer gap between appointments.

8 – Save money at the grocery store

  • Use coupons when available

There are dozens of great apps and websites out there where you can find coupons. Try RetailMeNot and Grocery IQ.

  • Stop buying “convenience” food

Convenience stores like gas stations and drug stores often charge more for products because they provide convenience. Avoid these impulse buys and plan ahead by shopping at the grocery store.

  • Plan your meals

Make a list of meals to make for the next week. Then break down all the ingredients you will need for those meals. By writing everything down you can see where you can cut back. Also, compare your list with your new coupon apps for extra savings.

9 – Save money on your power bills

  • Close vents in rooms you don’t use

Simply push the lever and close the vent to avoid air flow in unused rooms.

  • Use cold water when washing clothes

Unless you’re cleaning with the intention of sanitation, use cold water. Your stains and dirt will come out clean and you’ll save money by not using hot water.

  • Use ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans have directional and speed adjustments. Try setting the direction to counterclockwise at a high speed during the summer. This will blow air down and keep you cool. During the winter, change it to clockwise at a low speed. This will pull air up in the center and push it down again near the edges, creating a steadier temperature.

10 – Avoid paying fees by paying on time

Not paying your bills on time can result in increased interest rates and late fees. Avoid this by paying on time. And, if you know that you will be late this month, contact the companies billing department. More often than not they can adjust your payment date and help you avoid a late payment. Learn more about making timely payments at TitleMax®.

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