MAXimum Savings for Football Season

Football season is upon us, and TitleMax® wants you to MAXimize your savings this year. In order to make your budget last until the last game, follow our three budget-friendly tips you can implement into your busy schedule.

Buy in bulk.

For tailgating or cooking at home, stores such as Costco & Sam’s Club offer deep discounts for buying items in bulk. If you are cooking for a large number of people, or even planning on hosting multiple parties – these stores are great options for you to MAXimize your savings.

Create your own décor.

Pinterest is full of DIY ideas that are fun and inexpensive. No need to spend tons of money when hosting a party at home or tailgating. Below are a handful of ideas to get you started!

Repurpose a 6-pack to become a handy condiment holder.


Wrap your juice boxes in craft paper and use a marker to make them look like footballs.

Use erasable chalk ink markers to decorate your car.

Make your own drink labels.

Don’t buy things at the stadium.

Food, drinks, and spirit memorabilia – everything is expensive inside the stadium. Eat and drink before the game and order your team attire from Amazon! Save money by avoiding expensive impulse buys at the game.