Ultimate Checklist for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home not only includes of a monster to-do list that takes about 4 months to complete, but also the consumption of volumes of new information. I don’t know about you, but it’s tough to survive an ordinary day without my “to-do” list. On the rare occasion I don’t have one, I find myself attempting to review a list in my head, forgetting one item, and then remembering it, only to forget another. I remember my mother’s to-do list. It was a daily ritual, like The Bible, she always had one by her side. She celebrated the completion of each list, only to start a new one the next day – a mother’s dilemma… While I’ve been going through my own first time home-buying journey, my love of lists has grown exponentially. In fact, I’m not sure I could survive this complex process without knowing “what to expect” and “how to get there”.

Home Buyer Checklist

Although it may simply be my “fear of the unknown” (aka Anxiety), from a logical standpoint, knowing what to expect for the coming months, while making the biggest purchase of a lifetime, is…logical. Would you ever take a long road trip without directions or a road map? Now lets add a $200K investment to that road trip. Need I say more? Starting with our home ownership Myths vs Facts infographic and this Ultimate Checklist for First Time Home Buyers infographic, you’ll get a great start. Knowledge is Power = Confidence!

This Ultimate First Time Home Buyer Checklist is a fun way to get started with your own home buying “to-do” list. Starting out with bite-sized gems of information is far less overwhelming and will get you ready with the foundation of knowledge you’ll need to prepare for the details to come!

Throughout this First Time Home Buyer Educational Series, together we’ll discover the many helpful ways to avoid first time home buyer surprises. For example, Closing Costs. These can amount to a pretty hefty number, on average 3%- 5% of the purchase price, about $4,500. Many first time home buyers don’t know about these up-front costs. While this rate can be negotiable, it that doesn’t work as well as planned, TitleMax™ may be able to help.

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