Road Rage Infographic – BEWARE…Know the Signs

Be honest, we all have experienced momentary fits of road rage, including screaming under our breath, sometimes out loud, and often using unspeakable profanities. Its a good thing you’re in the confines of your car, hopefully with your windows up. Thankfully most people can’t read lips or our highways would look more like Roman battlefields. However, be aware and beware, some Americans take it way too far. Road rage has been known to escalate from loud profanities to dangerous driving, recklessly acts, and in the most extreme cases, has ended up in murder. According to the Automobile Association of America, there have been 218 murders and 12,610 injury cases in over the past 7 years and 80% of drivers express significant anger, aggression or road rage. How can you stay out of these people’s way, and what can you do to lessen the risks of road rage in your own hometown? Take a look at a preview of our detailed infographic to help keep you safe. It may even help save your life:

Roadrage Thumbnail


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