79 Wild, Wacky and WEIRD American Roadside Attractions

Who create these wacky places?! In the not too distant past, the key to travel was, “the faster the better”, and “a need for speed”. Now it seems as if the wackier the better. Strange is the new Cool these days. It appears, from the looks of this wacky map, that the same applies to the open road and travel destinations. We’ve put together a collection of the 79 most wacky roadside attractions for sightseeing across America, and included the strange details on each. It might make sense to wait a few weeks for Halloween where you’ll find a ton of inspiration at each of these stops. So hit the road this weekend, and have a safe and strange trip – Happy Travels!

Ultimate Roadside Attraction Roadtrip


Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

International Cryptozoology Museum — Portland, Maine
Photo by Gordon Chibroski (Portland Press Herald)


You know how Americans tend to believe that weird creatures like Bigfoot really exist? This is a real, serious museum exploring these rumored beasts.

Desert of Maine — Freeport, Maine
Photo by Daderot (Wikimedia Commons) Public Domain


See a sandy desert in the middle of pine trees, like a reverse oasis. While the plastic camel can be a bit cheesy, this obviously failed farm turned tourist attraction exposes glacial silt and is preserved as a natural wonder.

Clark's Trading Post — Lincoln, New Hampshire

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