Tips and Tricks for a Mess-Free Road-Trip with Kids [Infographic]

No, this is not a Trick. I did just say “Mess-Free”, “Kids”, and “Road Trip” all in the same sentence. It must be an illogical tongue-twister or joke right? Nope, but you will be amazed at how magical these tips are …and without a super-hero or vacation-nanny-maid. This step-by-step infographic guide provides fun and resourceful methods of using your car’s nooks and cranny’s, like gadgets, suddenly found hidden away in a Swiss-Army knife. These tips will not only help preserve your car’s value, but also provide a more organized environment, for a safer trip while on the open road. Right on time for all those Halloween treats that will be traveling with you! More fun and less stress = success.

Preview Below – Visit our Discovery Center, Ultimate Road Trip Series for the FULL INFOGRAPHIC


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