Classic Snack Recipes – Perfect for Road Trips with Kids [Infographic]

Throwback Snacks! Classic recipes with a twist, but even more delicious than before. Just in time for upcoming holiday road trips with the family. These snacks are super “sweet” and charming, reminiscent of simpler times, in old fashion kitchens with fresh baked cookies, while kids play outside waiting for them to cool. I haven’t found these classic snack recipes in a cookbook. I think they’re usually passed down at block parties and family reunions, but here they are, 19 of them, all fun, quick, and usually more economical then the prepackaged, processed alternatives. They’re healthier too, but kids won’t notice. You might, when less hyperactivity, on that long road trip is a huge relief. Before your trip, schedule the creation of these artistic snacks as a fun family activity. Being creative and learning can be delicious too!

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Road Trip Snack Recipes

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