Technology that Keeps Paper Money Safe!

Paper money was first developed over 1000 years ago as a promissory note for gold and silver that was held at the bank, similarly to the way we use checks for cash held at the bank. Banknotes are more commonly known as cash, bills, greenbacks, benjamins, bucks,  bacon, big ones, and dough. Not surprisingly, with so many fans, it has another 100 nicknames. Here are 50 of them. Whatever your personal pet name is for cash, it has become one of the most efficient and lightweight forms of money and favored for its commonality, ease of use and light weight property. It must have been a relief to be able to carry and more easily conceal paper money as compared to a heavy bag of clattering coins walking down a quiet street late at night…

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Banknote security from counterfeiters around the world

Up until about 700 years later when security shifted from common theft to being paid with fake replicas in the “golden age of counterfeiters”. So there lies the beginning of the science of banknote security, a very complex technology we used to secure the banknote from 3D ribbon to color-shifting ink and micro-printed images to images that only faintly show up when held to the light. This infographic depicts the many layers of banknote security around the world.

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