5 Refreshing Alternative Beach Getaways for The Family on a Budget

We all tend to stick to what we know, sometimes even when it doesn’t work…That also goes for summer vacations. It’s human nature to shy away from change, and if you love your usual summer vacation destination stick with it. But if you’re anything like me, now that you’re older, and hopefully a little wiser, you too question why you are spending so much for so little, just like last year.  Aren’t vacations supposed to be about spending quality time with the family where everyone can experience a new and fun adventure? Then why are we sitting in an over-priced, over-booked traffic jam and fighting the same crowd in the same place? When I found these 5 unique and affordable family vacation spots, I felt like I struck gold and saved some too. They might not be right for every family but they might be the perfect one for yours.

5 Affordable Family Beach Vacations To Beat the Heat 

5 Affordable Beach Vacation Destinations

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