Summer Road Trip Survival Guide (with Kids) – Don’t leave home without it!

Summer Road Trips with the family should be fun-filled with lots of great memories – minus the melt-downs, boredom, and cranky kids (parents too). There is no need to finish your road trip with the dire need for a rest from your time-off. A successful road trip adventure, with a little planning and right accouterments, can provide for the years best memories, and even the most popular topic at the dinner table. It should be more than just bearable. Time spent together on the open road can be the best part of your trip, no matter what the distance. Assuming have the most effective basics in place, of course starting with the #1 priority Safety, and no doubt Strategic Packing, consider some easy wins such as Syncing your driving with the kids’ usual routines, and then there is a well plotted Pit Stop Plan, and enough of the The Right Snacks, plus the most underused tool, round robin seating arrangements, and finally the best yet, your private-on-the-road “concierge” apps that refer you to the best places to stop for gas or food on the run, and because you can’t always predict mother nature, where the next bathroom is when you need it most: Roadside America and Roadtrippers,  iExit. But for the stuff that memories are made of during your journey, this infographic article and links will help you enjoy and build the memories in your heart.

See Full Infographic, Games, and Activities

Summer Road Trip Survival Guide with Kids

See Full Infographic, Games, and Activities

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