I Love Shelling! Guide to Shells Around The World

One of my favorite souvenirs to bring home from summer vacation are the shells my family has discovered while exploring far away beaches. Like a treasure chest of memories from each port, the unlimited shapes, colors, and textures of each shell is as unique as the local flavors and exotic lands that we’ve visited. My family and I spend hours hunting unique shells as we walk along the shoreline, at the end of the day, as the sun is starting to set when the water and beach are settling down for the evening. Our treasure hunts end in a show-and-tell where we share our exotic finds and talk about the jewelry and mosaics we will make with our natural wonders. More often than not, they end up stacked in our clear glass “shell-vase” that is starting to fill up over many years of collecting, becoming something of a family heirloom holding great memories of quality time together.

If you love collecting shells and would like to learn more about their history and origin, this infographic guide of shells from all around the world will help you get started.

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Shell Guide from all around the world

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