Max out Your Dorm Room

College isn’t all about classes, tests and degrees. While those things are important, the college experience is about growing and gaining new perspectives. A great way to start this path is to make yourself at home.

Many incoming freshman live is dorms, and some stay there until graduation. It is important to make a space that is comfortable and content, even if your random roomie is a little strange. The one thing to remember about dorms is size. Most dorms are cramped and require some out of the box ideas to really MAXimize your space on a student budget.

Here are 7 helpful tips to MAX out your dorm room:

1 – Loft your bed for extra space

Some dorm room beds come with a lofting option. This enables you to raise your bed and take advantage of the storage underneath. Check it out:

clean organized dorm room

2 – Use soda tabs to hang more clothes

soda can used as additional hanger space in closet

3 – Lighted photo display

College is full of memories, and it is important to capture them. Trouble is picture frames take up surface space and tend to create clutter. Hanging pictures is a great solution. Try creating a fun lighted photo display like this:

pictures hung on stands of christmas lights

4 – Over the door storage

Perfect for anyone with an overflowing closet – hang towels, clothes, scarves, hats, etc.

5 – Food storage

Convenience and cost are key when eating on campus. Dining halls and on-campus restaurants/shops are staples to every college experience. Having food in your dorm is also necessary for late night studying or when everything else is closed. Be mindful that you probably need both cold and dry storage. For cold, a mini-fridge does the trick. For dry storage, organizational drawers or even an over-the-door shoe organizer are great space-savers.

door hung shoe storage rack used to store packaged food

6 – Utilize wall space for your school supplies

In college, you will eventually have to study. Save desk space with a neat and budget friendly study organizer like this one:

shower rack used to store school supplies on wall

7 – Less is more

Although dorm room decorating is an exciting task, don’t overdo it. Get the necessities first and buy accordingly once you’re settled. You will thank yourself on the hot and crowded move-in day.

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