Which Theme Park Should You Visit? Top 20 by Popularity [Infographic]

Most kids get the theme-park bug at one point. My daughter got obsessed with Elsa from, “Frozen” and for months begged me to “Meet” Elsa at Disney? I can still see the desperation on her little face. How could I turn her down?… So if you too are looking forward to the trip to a famous theme-park, or are biting the bullet in an effort to make dreams come true, there are about 20 major theme parks in North America to choose from. Making a choice can be tough. This infographic lists the top 20 theme parks in order of popularity and can come in handy. Regardless of your personal enjoyment, which may be minimal, until you see your kids glowing faces as they interact with their idols or riding Dumbo or a rocket fast roller coaster. It’s most fun to see them sharing pictures of their news “friends” Elsa and Olaf (evidence!) with their friends back at home.

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Top 20 Amusement parks by popularity

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