Summer Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

18 point check list guide to avoid a vehicle meltdown, and staying safe should one occur. Jumping in the car for a road trip to grandmas or a day-trip to the beach is as American as apple pie. However, the law of supply and demand dictates that more cars mean more traffic + more heat = more “meltdowns”. While keeping your vehicle prepared with an emergency car kit is important for unexpected stops, there are ways to avoid those unwanted stops and the anxiety of a vehicle meltdown that can permanently pause ALL of your travel plans. This 18 point infographic checklist will help keep you prepared and safe, should a meltdown occur.  Some advice that works for me is making fun-stops at some of the unique roadside attractions across the country to cool off the car AND the passengers inside. Stops along the way provide physical, mental and mechanical breaks for everyone to help make the most enjoyable family road trip possible. See the full INFOGRAPHIC

Guide to Preventing a Vehicle Meltdown this Summer

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