Non-Traditional Holidays You Didn’t Know Existed

Everybody knows that you eat turkey at Thanksgiving, hand out candy on Halloween, and hunt for eggs on Easter, but did you know about spending February 13th with your BFF’s for “Galantine’s Day” or that you should be enjoying some delicious honey for “National Winnie-The-Pooh Day” on January 18th? The fun of the holidays should not be limited to a handful of days, but enjoyed throughout the year with these non-traditional holidays.

Star Wars Day – May 4

A play on the famous catchphrase, may the force be with you, Star Wars Day is a time to celebrate your favorite characters, from Luke to Leia. Spend the day watching the movies or drinking blue milk, a staple of a Jedi Master’s breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – August 4

I don’t know anybody who would have a problem celebrating a day that includes indulging in delicious chocolate chip morsels. Bake up a batch of your favorite recipe, and share with co-workers and friends!

Friendsgiving – Anytime Around Thanksgiving

Just like the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, Friendsgiving is a time to spend eating good food with people you care about. Simply swap out family for friends. Celebrate by offering to cook or have everybody pitch in, potluck style.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Day – December 15

With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, there is no shortage of options when it comes to ugly sweater options for the holidays. From truly tacky to the ultra-hilarious, this is a day to really show off your holiday flair.

National Puppy Day – March 23

Although everyday should be spent celebrating our fluffy four-legged friends, March 23rd is a great way to shine the spotlight on the enjoyment and unconditional love puppies bring into our lives. You can celebrate by adopting, donating money or food to your local shelter, or getting your puppy a fun, new toy. Talk about some serious tail-wagging!

Make a Difference Day – October 28

No matter how big or small the effort, we all have the opportunity to make a difference. October 28th, Make a Difference Day, is the perfect occasion to volunteer at a local shelter, organize a canned food drive or simply pick up some litter on the side of the road. This non-traditional holiday is one that will leave an impact in your community!

From the weird to the wonderful, non-traditional holidays can keep the fun and cheer going all year long. Let’s celebrate!