August is Family Fun Month!

You don’t need a fortune to have fun!

August is Family Fun Month so it’s the perfect time to make memories together before school starts. Don’t let summer slip away before you’ve soaked up all the fun these long, sunny days have to offer.

Check out some inexpensive ways to spend time and have fun with your family in August:

  • Have a picnic in a local park. Pack up easily portable snacks and drinks with a blanket to sit on and enjoy a meal outside.
  • Take a family bike ride or walk around your neighborhood or local park.
  • Plan a day trip to the local zoo or museum. Check their websites for days with free admission. Bring waters and snacks so you don’t have to spend money on costly concession stands.
  • Hold a talent show in the living room where each family member performs their hidden talent. The winner gets to pick their favorite movie to watch or not have to do their least favorite chore.
  • Cook a meal together. Choose an easy recipe where everyone can help.
  • Have a karaoke night. Check out free apps for download or just turn on the radio and sing along!
  • Attend free DIY workshops at local craft or home improvement stores.
  • Volunteer to help out at an animal shelter.
  • Have a backyard obstacle course using items from around the house. The winning team gets ice cream or doesn’t have to clean up the dishes after dinner.
  • Build a fort in the living room using blankets, chairs, pillows and read books by a flashlight.
  • Go camping in your backyard and sleep under the stars.

Use the last of these summer days to connect with your family, especially before school starts back up and everyone gets back into their busy routines. The memories you make during Family Fun Month will be priceless and also won’t hurt your bank account!