Christmas Dinner on a Budget

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and I’ve brought some corn for popping, now bring us some figgy pudding, later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling… food is an important part of many holiday traditions and memories!

The holidays can be stressful especially on a budget with the constant pressure to purchase presents and also serve and eat delicious food.

Take some of the stress off with these cost efficient recipes for your holiday main dishes:

  • Roast Beef is a traditional holiday dinner ingredient, but instead of serving a standing rib roast that can be pricey, try the eye of round roast which is a cut of meat that is more budget friendly. Find a delicious recipe here with an unique sauce!
  • A Glazed Ham can also be a cost effective protein for your holiday dinner. Check your grocery store’s weekly ads to get the cheapest price per pound. If you buy a 10 lb. ham, you might even have leftovers which also stretches your dollar! Instead of a boring ham sandwich made with leftovers, use the ham in a ham and cheese hash-brown casserole.

Interested in traditional holiday dinners from across the globe? Here are some international favorites:

Have some Cioppino from Italy to celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Bacalao is a Christmas dinner in Mexico

Try Latkes from Israel which are enjoyed while celebrating Hanukkah

A Christmas Goose is served in Germany

Tamales from Costa Rica are a holiday tradition

Happy Holidays!