Love Language on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about LOVE, but do you know your partner’s “love language?” The book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman explores what LOVE actually means to different people. Everyone communicates differently so understanding how your partner “speaks” love will get you speaking the same language.

In Dr. Chapman’s book, he covers the 5 different love languages:

The first love language involves Words of Affirmation. If this is your partner’s language, they love compliments and hearing “I love you.”  Be sure to use your words wisely though, because as much as they love words of affirmation, negative comments hurt just as bad.

The second language of love is Quality Time. Your partner needs your attention to truly feel like they are loved if this is their love language. Cancelling plans or not being there for them does not make them feel loved.

Acts of Service is the third love language. If this is your partner’s love language, then actions truly speak louder than words to him or her. Be sure to help your partner out to show you really care and love them.

The fourth love language is Receiving Gifts. A tangible gift to someone who possesses this love language makes them feel loved.

Physical Touch is the last love language. A hand-hold or a hug means the most to those with this love language.

While you and your partner might prefer one love language over the others, you can still enjoy different aspects of the other languages as well. Learn a different language this Valentine’s Day!