Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List Ideas

♫ Schools outttt for summer! ♫

The kids have finished their tests, packed up their pencils, hung up their backpacks, and stored away their lunch boxes. Great for them, but if you are the parent in this situation you might be thinking – now what? No need to fret! Below are some kid-friendly activities sure to keep everybody entertained!

Around Town

Bike Ride!

One of the major milestones of childhood is bike ownership. Whether you and the gang take a simple ride around the neighborhood or embark on an elaborate trail, a family bike ride can be fun for everybody. Don’t forget your helmet!

Explore Nature

There’s nothing like the great outdoors! Take a hike around your favorite local landmark, explore a nature trail, collect worms, feed the geese at a local lake, pick strawberries at a farm, fly a kite at the beach, or visit the local fair.

 Picnic in the Park

Pack some sandwiches and head off to your local park. The kiddos will build up an appetite from playing on the jungle gym or walking around the grounds. Bring Fido for added fun!

Day Trip

The possibilities are endless! Go to the zoo, the local library, the splash park, an amusement park, the community pool, the local baseball park, the beach, the movies, a bowling alley, miniature golf course, the mall, a local museum, batting cage, roller rink, amusement park, a farmer’s market, or the aquarium.

Around the House

DIY – Day

Burn some hours with a few unique crafts – Make your own ice cream, build a one-of-a-kind bird feeder, make your own play dough, create your own science experiment, build a sandbox, make your own popsicles, paint totem poles out of paper towel rolls, tie dye shirts or create a list of questions and let the kiddos interview anybody from their BFF to their grandparents.

Backyard Bliss

Adventure awaits… out your own back door! Make foam paint, draw chalkboard circles on the sidewalk, play in a kiddy pool, run through the sprinkler, play croquet, play bean bag toss, blow bubbles, go on a themed scavenger hunt, stage your own summer Olympic Games, have a water balloon fight, play a game of volleyball, plant a garden, play a game of baseball, or go camping in the backyard!

Rainy day ideas

It’s raining outside, and the kids are bursting with energy. At a loss with how to keep them entertained? Visit your local library and spend the rest of the day reading, bake cookies, build a fort in the living room, get a book of riddles and see if you can stump each other, plan a dream trip on an old road map, watch old family movies, write a script and have a dramatic play, play a board game, paint a picture, or complete a puzzle together.

Lemonade Stand

Nothing screams summer more than a lemonade stand! Help construct a cute stand, paint a cute sign, gather the lemons, and whip up your favorite go-to lemonade recipe. $.50 per cup!

Get a Job

Teach your children the value of a hard day’s work. They can do anything from working the local ice cream stand, lifeguarding at the pool, volunteering at concessions, building a house for the less fortunate, or even something as simple as collecting and recycling aluminum cans.

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