Organize Your Garage in 6 Steps

When life gets busy, the garage can serve as the catch-all for the unorganized items in your home. Even if you have taken steps to get the rest of your space ultra-organized, you may be leaving the garage as the last room to conquer. Don’t get overwhelmed! Follow the 6 simple steps below to achieve a winning garage makeover.


Put a plan in place and stick to it. Nothing can derail a garage cleanup like distractions – avoid them by preparing beforehand:

  • Set aside the time. Devote an entire weekend solely to the clean-up and organization of the garage. Do all errands beforehand so you don’t get sidetracked in the process. If you can give this project the attention it deserves, the work will go by quickly.
  • Make sure you have the right stuff. Ensuring you have the necessary tools before the works begins is paramount. Make sure you have enough trash bags and cans, cleaning supplies, empty boxes for donations, plastic storage containers in a variety of sizes, shelving, and necessary tools.
  • Map out a clear plan of action. Look up inspiration pictures, measure out your space, and ask questions. Will this will be a solo or all-hands-on-deck project? Where will you begin? What is the desired start and end dates? What do you want the result to be? Do you have any bulk items (like an old car) that may need to be removed before you can begin? Do I need to budget for anything? Determining these factors will help determine the goal posts for the garage cleanout.

Categorize & Group items

Once the prep work is done, you can get the project underway. Start by gathering and grouping similar items together. Typical categories might include – tools, lawn and garden items, toys, beach items, camping gear, holiday items, paint, sports gear, and automotive. You may have more categories depending on the size and scale of your project. Group the garage’s contents on plastic tarps or sheets in the driveway or in the center of the garage. Use more space if needed. Make sure you include a large pile for trash, another for donations, and a relocation pile for items that you want to store elsewhere in the house.

Trash Sell or Donate Items

Now is the time to go through all the items that have been gathering dust in your space. Decide whether you want to keep, toss, relocate or donate items. If you have a hard time making decisions you might make a “keep criteria list”, factors might include items you have used in the last year, things that cannot be easily rented or borrowed, or things that are in working order. Toss or donate all items that don’t fit within those parameters.

Another option might be to have a garage sale with all the items that do not meet the “keep criteria list”.

Determine the Best Layout

Once you have finished cutting back on inventory, you can design your new space. Group items by category so that you never have to wonder where items are. This ensures that items are easily found, and easily put back in place!

Utilize your Space

  • Use shelving units to keep heavy traffic items within reach
  • Use cabinets to store items that you don’t use as much
  • Use a pegboard to organize smaller tools
  • Store bikes and skateboards vertically
  • Build fold-up worktables
  • Store spray-paint in a shoe organizer and utilize wall space.
  • Keep items off the floor whenever possible
  • Use wall hooks for garden items, extension cords, and sports equipment.
  • Install built-ins to maximize your space

Keep it up!

Once you finish your garage makeover – pat yourself on the back! Now that everything is ultra-organized, it should be simple to stick to it