Happy Boss’s Day!

Happy Boss Day

What makes a good boss? There is no correct answer or exact formula, but being a good boss starts with being a good leader.

To be a good leader, and in turn, a good boss:

1. Set clear expectations and communicate how you define success. Tell your vision to your employees in a way that motivates and inspires them to work towards your common goal.Act as a coach. Be there as a source of help but don’t do your employees’ jobs for them.
3. Build trust by giving helpful feedback to your employees along the way. Be truthful and honest about what is needed and/or expected. Be receptive to constructive feedback regarding your improvement as well.
4. Recognize your employees’ efforts and show them that they are appreciated through praise and rewards.
5. Be inclusive so everyone on your team feels equal. Let your employees be themselves and show them that you value their perspective.
6. Be a good listener and don’t overpower the conversation.
7. Get to know your employees personally. Share your personal experiences to show them your human side.
8. Have a sense of humor. Take work seriously but share a laugh with your employees.
9. Find each person’s unique talents and leverage them.
10. Challenge your employees so they don’t get bored.
11. Work fearlessly and don’t be afraid of mistakes because they’re learning opportunities.
12. Hold people accountable to their commitments.
13. Ask for things politely and with respect.
14. Remove obstacles that prevent employees from doing their job.
15. Make work fun!

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”
— Sheryl Sanberg

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