What to do with leftover Halloween candy?

Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has come and gone. If you’re left with a ton of leftover candy that you can’t stomach right now, here are some ideas of what to do with it!

  1. Mix it in your regular recipes like:
    1. Rice Krispies treats
    2. trail mix
    3. popcorn balls
    4. cookies
    5. brownies
  2. Melt the leftover chocolate to use as syrup, glaze or dip.
  3. Freeze it to eat later! Frozen candy should be good for up to 10 months
  4. Donate it to troops overseas through an organization like Operation Gratitude
  5. Use the candy as ice cream sundae toppings
  6. Save the candy to use to decorate your gingerbread houses
  7. Make a dip with cream cheese, sugar and powdered sugar and mix in leftover candy. Serve with apples or pretzels
  8. Bring it to work! It will be eaten before you know it!