Big Game Bash on a Budget

Super Bowl Party

Who are you rooting for in this year’s Big Game? Let’s be honest, whoever you are cheering for, coming together with friends and family for a fun filled game day celebration is the best part. If you volunteered to host, your frugal self might be fretting about how much this shindig is going to cost. Look no further – with these thrifty entertaining tips, you can still be the hostess with the mostess, while keeping your budget in check. Score!

Game Day Strategy

Party prepping ahead of time is a must! Waiting until the last second will not only raise your blood pressure, but likely raise the chances that your budget will be blown. From meal planning, to space considerations, to decorations there is a lot of work involved in throwing a game day get together. Consider coupons and bulk buying for added savings. Prepare a dish that will feed a large crowd rather inexpensively, such as chili. Provide water and lemonade in drink dispensers, and ask your guests to bring any additional beverages they would prefer.

Speaking of…


Encourage your friends and family to pitch in for the gathering! Most people will be more than happy to bring a dish for the occasion. Hosting a pot luck style party will help your guests feel like they pitched in while keeping your expenses down.

Go team!

Be the Menu MVP

Design your weekly menu around what you are planning to serve on Sunday. Meatballs in the crockpot? Incorporate them in a sandwich for lunch. Veggie tray? Your snacks are covered for the rest of the week! Cheese and crackers? Pair with wine for Friday’s Girl’s Night.

Stretching cuisine throughout the week will ease the cost of buying fare for one day.

Decorations – Go! Fight! Win!

Adding a little flare is the final piece of the football party-planning puzzle. Check out your local dollar store for ideas from pom-poms to football lights. If you want to save even more, skip the drive. You can find tons of inspiration online, from inexpensive banners to printable appetizer labels.

Also consider one of the best go-to’s for everything thrifty – mason jars! Paint a few to match the Big Game Sunday theme – a football, the yards of the field or the black and white stripes of the referee’s jersey. No driving or standing in line necessary. Win!


With a little creative planning and thriftiness, you (and your wallet) can be a game day great.   From kickoff to the final seconds, you can host a Big Game Bash that your guests will enjoy, while keeping your expenses at a minimum.