Valentine’s Dates on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while a night out on the town is the usual go-to, it’s not always the easiest on your wallet. If your New Year’s resolution is to get your finances in order, you don’t have to lose sight of your goals in order to impress your mate.  With Max’s thrifty tips – you can enjoy a romantic, yet budget-friendly, Valentine’s Day. Remember – you can’t buy love!


Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, enjoy a candlelit dinner in the comfort of your own home. Turn on some mood music and tackle that elaborate new recipe you have been wanting to try – together! Sharing the prep work will start the evening off on the right foot, while leaving neither party feeling overwhelmed. Set the table, include an appetizer, and pass the wine. Finish the meal with your favorite desert – shoes optional!

Dice, Dice Baby

Time to dust off that old Monopoly game. Nothing kicks up the fun level like a game night. Plan a cocktail hour before you start for added fun! From Clue to Cribbage – you are sure to enjoy hours of entertainment for a bargain.



It’s the holiday that’s all about love, and your gift should reflect that. Nothing is more meaningful than a present from the heart. A sweet poem might be all you need to convey your sentiment. A deck of cards with “52 Things I Love About You” is a sure bet.

Construct a coupon book for that special someone. What are a few things your partner can redeem from you? A foot massage, a day to sleep in, washing the dishes, breakfast in bed or simply to take out the trash. No doubt – this gift is meaningful and will last for months to come.

If you want to really wow your date – plan a self-guided scavenger hunt. Include details and locations from your life together – the spot where you shared your first kiss, the site you popped the question, or your favorite place you get together for coffee.

Stay-cation sightseeing

While you may be dreaming of a vacation to an exotic destination, your bank account has other ideas. Skip the plane rides, and be a tourist in your own city! Plan a day date with your significant other to explore the most popular tourist attractions near you. If you have lived in a town long enough to see it all, discover a hidden gem. There are a number of apps that will connect you to the best secret spots in your city. Or you can take on your adventurous side, and plan a hike. You will benefit from the fresh air and exercise, and your wallet will benefit from your thrifty tourism!

Outdoor Movie Night

Weather permitting, opt for a movie night outside. Elevate your normal movie going experience with a show under the stars! Get some romantic inspiration with this list of the 50 greatest romantic movies –

Too cold outside? If you have to keep the flick indoors – assemble a blanket fort for maximum comfort and whip up some of your favorite theater snacks.

Pass the popcorn, please!

Love doesn’t cost a thing

While you may think you need to shell out lots of cash in order to impress, the truth is you can have a meaningful day full of special moments, even on a budget. This year, skip the reservations and focus on what really matters – time together!