Ideas to Transform Your Rental Space

You may think that when you rent your house or apartment, your home renovation options are limited, but don’t despair over that “Dream Space” Pinterest board just yet. There are a surprising number of things you can do to your space that are landlord & budget friendly. Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you can’t add personal touches to make it feel like you do!

 Wall Refresh

Let’s face it – rental spaces are normally painted in neutral tones to appeal to a variety of potential renters. It’s usually difficult to customize to fit your taste. If your landlord won’t allow painting – no problem! There are plenty of other options to personalize your walls:

  • Wallpaper! Try Wallpaper you can paint or hang temporary wallpaper.
  • Create a gallery wall with family photos or artwork.
  • Make a chalkboard wall with a removable decal.
  • Hang fake vines on your walls to bring the outdoors inside!
  • Have a focal point – Decorate a cute bookshelf with accent pieces you love.
  • Add some rustic charm with peel-and-stick wall planks

Kitchen & Bath Updates

In a typical home renovation, the kitchen and bathrooms can be the most expensive areas to upgrade. When you are renting, you probably do not want to spend a fortune to upgrade a space you won’t be living in forever. These easy updates will immediately transform your space, without breaking the bank:

 Invest in items you can take with you!

There are a plenty of items that are easy to replace with an added bonus – you can take it with you when you leave!

  • Replace the kitchen faucet or shower head
  • Hang bamboo blinds or curtains
  • Switch out doorknobs
  • Hang a pendant bulb
  • Invest in a some cute rugs
  • Swap out ugly lighting fixtures
  • Add cute throw pillows
  • Add floating shelves

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