Money Knowledge Games

Money makes the world go around, or so the old saying goes. Everything in the world revolves around the exchanging of money for goods and services, and it is important to develop a healthy relationship with money as early as possible. Simple activities such as counting money or identifying different denominations of money can help students begin to understand its value. More advanced concepts such as making change or determining the required amount for a product not only helps our money sense, but also our overall math skills. The following links contain online games, quizzes, and worksheets that can help students gain a better understanding of money.

  • Counting Real Money– Worksheets with pictures of actual United States coins
  • Rounding up to nearest whole dollar– Printable worksheet with amounts for children to work on rounding up to the nearest whole dollar.
  • How much do the items cost?– A worksheet that asks children to match the correct amount of money shown to the product that costs that amount. Includes answer key.
  • Create Your Own Money Worksheet– Website allows the user to customize their own worksheet from a selection of different types of money.
  • Money word problems– Worksheet with money word problems related to a set of dresses.
  • Making Change– Worksheet that asks children to make change based on a word problem.
  • Counting Quarters– Children will learn how to count different amounts of quarters with this printable worksheet.
  • Counting Pennies and Quarters– Children can learn how to count coins of different value with this worksheet.
  • How Much Will I Have Left?– Word problem worksheet that asks children to determine how much money will be left after items are purchased.
  • Counting Money for Candy– Children choose the correct coins to buy the candy at the top of the screen.
  • Lemonade Stand– Players must determine how much to charge people who request multiple cups of lemonade.
  • Piggy Bank Sorting– Students sort coins into separate jars to reach different amounts in this game.
  • Change Maker– This game gives children word problems and then asks them to choose the type of money that will meet the amount needed.
  • Money Exchange– Perfect game for young children. Kids exchange smaller units of money to make larger amounts. Example: 5 pennies make a nickel.
  • Subtracting Money– Students are given a subtraction word problem and then determine what units of money make up the amount needed.
  • Toy Shop Money Game– Children determine what bills and coins are needed to buy their favorite toys in this game.
  • Fruit Shoot Money Game- Children must determine which pieces of fruit they can splat based upon how much money they have.
  • Money Quiz Generator– Create your own money quiz with denominations up to 100 dollar bills.
  • Drawing Money-Worksheet allows Pre-K aged students to practice drawing money to equal given amounts.
  • Money Matching Game– Printable money flashcards that can be cut out so that amounts can be matched with correct denominations.
  • Coin Cards– Printable cards that can be used in conjunction with real coins to learn how different coins can make amounts under a dollar.
  • How much money is there?– An online quiz that asks students to count the money shown.
  • Lunch Lady– Game that asks students to add up how much a student’s lunch would cost based on what they chose for lunch.
  • Climb the Money Ladder– Online quiz game where children determine how much a set of coins would be worth. Correct answers lead to the students climbing the money ladder.
  • Trading Up Board Game– Printable game with instructions. Students roll a die and determine how to move amounts of coins up to a dollar.
  • Counting Money Quiz– Online quiz with questions for children to count coins.
  • Bills quiz– Quiz for students to add up different kinds of bills to find a total.
  • Money Value Quiz– Pictures of types of money are provided and children must find the total value.
  • Fill in the Blanks Money– Online worksheet where children fill in the blanks on money word problems.
  • Money Amount Quiz- Students are given different sets of money and must fill in what it equals.
  • Coin Quiz Worksheet– Printable quiz that contains both pictures and numerical amounts for questions and answers.
  • Money Counting Interactive Quiz– Interactive quiz that allows children to choose correct pictures of money to equal the amount requested.
  • Determining Change Worksheet– Printable worksheet that asks children to determine how much a given set of money is.

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