Car Spotting and Photography

Written by Bonnie Gringer

Have a passion for cars? What about photography? Car spotters are dedicated vehicle enthusiasts who travel from location to location in search of exotic, vintage, modified, or rare super-cars to photograph. Many spotters search for interesting cars on public roads in big cities from all over the world. Some of the most popular sighting spots for car admirers are London, Miami, Beverly Hills, Milan, and Dubai. Serious spotters also tend to use social media to find cars, car shows and news. Car spotting focuses on finding and capturing rare cars that you don’t see everyday, but car photography is still a rewarding experience even for those not interested in exotic cars.

There are many elements and variables involved in car photography. After you decide what vehicle to photograph, you can begin planning out the next stages to make the most of your shoot. It’s recommended that the best time of day to photograph cars is either a few minutes after sunset or before sunrise. It’s tricky to take pictures at night, but if you adjust your camera settings just right and find an area without any streetlights it can lead to a bold, dramatic image. Location is also a key factor when capturing the perfect shot, just make sure that it does not steal attention away from the car! Using other factors in the location, such as motion, and the elements like mud or sand can also build up that picture perfect image. If the car owner is around you may want to try asking them what their favorite features are on the vehicle, it could help give you some great ideas for exterior or interior detail shots.

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