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How to Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle


Maintaining the value of your vehicle is important for several reasons. Whether you want to sell it, trade it, or use your vehicle title for a loan or pawn, it is important to consider the factors that determine your vehicle’s worth. These factors include condition, age, and total mileage. While some of these factors are… Read more »

Everyday Money Saving Tips & Tricks


No matter your financial situation, there is always room to save. Whether at the grocery store, or around the house, there are always opportunities to spend less and save more. So why is saving so hard? It’s because saving money requires you to change your habits and lifestyle. It requires you to eat out less,… Read more »

Max out Your Dorm Room


College isn’t all about classes, tests and degrees. While those things are important, the college experience is about growing and gaining new perspectives. A great way to start this path is to make yourself at home. Many incoming freshman live is dorms, and some stay there until graduation. It is important to make a space… Read more »

Road Trip Tips


Road trips are the perfect opportunity to explore new landscapes and spend time with loved ones. Without the right budget, however, your big plans can quickly become a big headache. At TitleMax® we want to help you get from point A to point B all the way to point P. That’s why we offer quick approval… Read more »

Money Saving Tips for the 20 Something


There are a few things you should do in your 20’s- get that ‘first job,’ obtain healthy eating habits, make amazing memories, and S-A-V-E. There are also a lot of things you shouldn’t do in your 20’s, and they usually involve finances. Here are the Top 4 mistakes to avoid in your 20’s according to… Read more »

Keep Your Budget Cool This Summer


Finally, winter holiday bills are paid off and it’s time to relax in the summer sunshine. Yet, with summertime comes high electric bills and temperatures that can make your car overheat, your AC overwork, and your budget overflow. Summer is a time to enjoy the weather and relax, but the simplest summer activities can have… Read more »