Title Loans in Los Angeles, CA

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When you live in California, you’re living a life that’s envied by many, and that’s especially true when you call Los Angeles home. As one of the most widely recognized and famous cities in the world, L.A. is also one of the most beautiful and active. With its blue skies, warm weather, hiking trails, and beaches, it’s a great place to stay fit and healthy. Whether you’re taking the kids to family events at the L.A. County Museum of Art or you find yourself headed to the Staples Center with tickets to a concert or a Lakers game, there’s never a dull moment. However, stressful moments can make their way unexpectedly into your life. Even in the City of Angels, emergencies can arise, bringing unanticipated expenses with them. If you have less-than-perfect credit, it can be hard to get cash from traditional lending institutions, which may leave you with few desirable options. Fortunately, TitleMax® is here to help. We’re a lending company that specializes in motorcycle and car title loans. Los Angeles has several of our stores situated around the city, making us a convenient and readily available option for you.


When it comes to auto title loans, Los Angeles residents know they can trust TitleMax®. We offer competitive rates and a fast application and approval process, and we approve applicants who have imperfect credit scores. If you are unfamiliar with car title loans and how they work, you can get answers to some common questions by reading our FAQ page, but the basic thing you need to know is that they are a type of loan that is secured by the title of your vehicle. People who apply for car title loans in Los Angeles must own the vehicle that they plan to use for a loan free and clear.


There are also a few other eligibility requirements that must be met if you are interested in a motorcycle or car title loan. Los Angeles applicants must be at least 18 years old and have valid government-issued identification. As a resident of California, you must also be able to provide proof of residency and proof of income and have a valid vehicle registration. If you are unemployed, you can still qualify for a loan, as long you’re receiving income from disability, retirement, or unemployment benefits: Any of these will allow you to apply for title loans. Los Angeles, CA, TitleMax® representatives will need to see these documents when you apply for a loan.


To get one of our auto title loans, Los Angeles residents can start by completing the online application. When you visit one of our locations in Los Angeles, bring your truck, car, SUV, or motorcycle with you for an appraisal. Our customer service representatives are highly trained and able to answer any questions that you may still have, and a representative will discuss your financial needs, accept the required documentation, ask you to complete and sign your application, and conduct the appraisal of your vehicle. Once that’s completed, we’ll determine a loan amount based on factors including your financial need and the appraised value of your vehicle. In many cases, you can have the money that you need on the same day that you apply!

After they are approved for car title loans, Los Angeles residents won’t need to worry about losing access to their vehicle: You can keep your car while you repay your loan. We accept various payment types for your convenience, and there’s never a penalty for prepayment. Once we’ve been repaid in full, we’ll remove the lien from your title.

Don’t let unexpected expenses turn into a financial crisis. Apply for a Los Angeles TitleMax® title loan today!