15 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes with 10 Ingredients or Less

Written by Carly Hallman

Is there a new guest at your table this year? Or is there perhaps someone in the family trying a new diet and lifestyle? Either way, every cook this year should have some alternative Thanksgiving plans up their sleeves. If you’re scrambling for what to make for a vegan thanksgiving main dish, there are so many options beside the infamous Tofurky! We’ve gathered some of the best vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes from around the Web for main dishes, sides, and even alternative desserts. And we should mention that they’re all pretty cheap and easy; our vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving ideas all have ten ingredients or less!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dish Recipes

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Appetizer and Side Recipes

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

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Create a welcoming table for everyone.

Thanksgiving food lists for a traditional meal typically include some very not-vegetarian-friendly options: a huge slab of poultry, animal-fat-based gravy, meat-filled stuffing, dairy-stuffed vegetables like mashed potatoes, milk-infused deserts like pies, and many casseroles, which would in theory be safe, except they often use soups or stocks with animal products in them. There’s also the fact that we might randomly toss bacon in otherwise safe dishes like Brussels sprouts or green beans. Being a vegan or vegetarian during this national holiday can be a harrowing experience and certainly not make one feel particularly thankful when a family is less than understanding. Here are some simple things a cook can do to help them out!

There’s a cornucopia of vegetarian options for Thanksgiving.

What people most often panic about is the daunting concept of creating a vegetarian Thanksgiving main dish. Recipes are plentiful and interesting, though, and they don’t need to feature meat replacement products like tofu, tempeh, or seitan, though some vegetarian main dishes use them. There are also flatbreads, soups, baked vegetables, and fritters, all great ideas for vegetarian entrées.

Be frugal by setting some of the seasonal produce aside.

If you plan your dinner carefully, you probably won’t need to spend a lot of money to create delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes. For instance, if you already have squash and sweet potato on your menu for the evening, just leave a diary-less and meat-less version of Grandma’s favorite side dish in a separate bowl. Keep a few potatoes off to the side for a vegan mashed potato option, or just bake a few and offer them with olive oil and salt and pepper. Just being conscious of not putting animal products in your vegetable dishes for Thanksgiving will give you far more vegan options for the meal!

Here are the sources of these wonderful and delicious vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes:

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