Overnight Oats Recipes

New trendy & healthy solution for breakfast fixed up the evening prior.

Whether or not you have breakfast is important to your whole day, but getting up the gumption to make pancakes and bacon at 7 a.m. is pretty unrealistic for the modern mom and pop. Don’t worry; millennial moms have found a new trendy solution that you can fix up the evening prior. This short collection of healthy overnight oats recipes are super simple and delicious. Just pick from our list of overnight steel cut oats and find one that’s right for you and your family!

How do you make overnight oats?

Overnight oatmeal recipes are never as complicated as one thinks! You just start by placing your overnight oats in a jar, which can either be a mason jar or any other type of glass jar with a seal. Then, you fill with milk or another type of liquid. If you want to make vegan overnight oats, you can substitute coconut milk or almond milk here. Then you can addyour fruits, nuts, seeds, or yogurt. To have a different texture, you can wait to add ingredients until the morning.

After you’ve combined the ingredients you want, let your mixture soak overnight. Some people ask, “Can you make overnight oats with steel cut oats?” The answer is yes; you just need to let the mixture sit at least 12 hours. After it’s sat for the night, you can add sweetener, more milk, or something crunchy at the end. When in doubt, follow your steel cut overnight oats recipe!

Overnight Oats Recipes

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What are some of the different flavor options?

There are so many different options and avenues for experimentation. It’s all about personal preference. Some people love pumpkin overnight oats for the fall and others like apple cinnamon. Fun fruity flavors of overnight oatmeal like strawberry cheesecake, banana, or raspberry can be a sweet treat to steer you away from temptation later in the day. If you want to get really decadent, consider coffee, chocolate, or carrot cake.

For those who are starting out and are unsure of flavors, it might be smart to experiment with cheap ingredients like vanilla. Start by learning how to make overnight oats with peanut butter or banana, which are easily replaceable materials should something not go as planned, and then introduce other flavors or learn how to thicken with chia seeds. The best overnight oats recipes might just be the most convenient ones for you!

Why are they so good for you?

Are overnight oats healthy? By-and-large, the case is usually yes. Depending on what you put in your mixture, there are many different health benefits of overnight oats. Consider putting in antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, and be cautious of your sugar intake if you’re diabetic. Overall, though, eating breakfast can help you curb your appetite throughout the day, and since these treats are high in protein, they’re likely not going to drag you down like carb-filled pancakes or fat-rich bacon. Always listen to your body.

But these overnight oatmeal recipes aren’t only for adults. Consider making them for kids too! If you’re planning a long trip, overnight oatmeal makes for a great road trip snack to add to your list!

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