The Most Yelp-Reviewed Restaurant in the Biggest City of Every State

Restaurants reviewed well by 1,000's of people are worth a try!

Written by Carly Hallman

What is the best restaurant in every state, according to Yelp reviews? Since 2004, the Yelp website has been receiving five-star reviews from restaurant enthusiasts in every major US city. What does their data show us? It shows the most-reviewed restaurant on Yelp in each major city of every state. So where are the most reviewed, top-rated restaurants in the US according to Yelp?

The most-reviewed restaurant on Yelp among those in the largest cities is Bottega Louie in Los Angeles, but topping the site’s list of the best places to eat in the country is TKB Bakery & Deli in Indio, CA. According to the Yelp top 100 list, many of the highest-rated Yelp restaurants are actually in smaller municipalities like Hialeah, FL, Chelsea, MA, and Waukegan, IL.

Illustration of the most reviewed restaurants on yelp in the biggest cities across america
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But when you’re looking for the best place to eat where you live, keep in mind that there’s a secret to looking up businesses on Yelp: “Best restaurants near me” usually returns results based on keywords and other factors. If you sort restaurants by the most reviewed on Yelp, restaurants that have been reviewed by thousands will show up. You’ll have a better indication of that business’s quality than when you simply look up, “highest-rated restaurants near me.” If you want to find the best restaurants in the United States, looking up the places to eat with thousands upon thousands of reviews is a smart way to go: These businesses have more competition and need to rise above to get noticed!

Yelp reviews have been collected here from some of the most populated areas in the US: the largest cities in every state. We’ve found good places to eat in cities from Portland, ME, to Portland, OR, and from New Orleans to Chicago to Anchorage. These are, in essence, the top 50 places to eat in America, so what do they have to offer?

Among the best restaurants in NYC is Ippudo East Village, with more than 9,000 reviews, which offers ramen, pork buns, and other Asian treats. On the west coast, LA local favorite Bottega Louie is an Italian bakery and breakfast joint famous for macaroons and pizza. Look up the most-reviewed restaurants near you and see if you agree with what you see. In tourist towns like New Orleans or Honolulu, is it only the tourist traps that are getting the most reviews, or did your favorite spot make the list?

Note that when you search for the most reviewed rather than “best places to eat near me,” whether you’re in Idaho or Hawaii, you’ll likely not get the extremely expensive restaurants (with the “$$$$” symbol on Yelp). That’s simply because this level is well outside of the normal price range of the average person. Most people can afford restaurants in the “$$” or “$$$” categories, which is why they get many more reviews. So if you’re looking to spend thousands of dollars in one night at the best restaurant in town, this list may not be the way to go. But you could have a road trip across America to try these more affordable places and experience some of the best restaurants in each state that many thousands of people have enjoyed!

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