Companies That Hired the Most in 2017

Written by Carly Hallman

What were the top-hiring companies last year? Which big company hired the most Americans? And who’s hiring now, nearby? We’ve dug up data from,, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to show off who is hiring right now, for what, and for how much as well as what to expect for job growth in the next few years.

Companies That Hired the Most in 2017 infographic

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Companies That Hired the Most in 2017 (and What to Expect in 2018)

Companies With the Most Listings on

Company # of Listings
UPS 28,202
Army 20,343
Advantage Solutions Group 16,226
UnitedHealth Group 14,709
Kindred Healthcare 12,228
AT&T 11,639
Aramark 9,257
KinderCare Education 8,968
Kindred at Home 7,172
Aflac 5.974
Oldcastle 5,437
Christus Health 5,229
Pilot Flying J 5,035
GDKN Corporation 4,996
Brookdale Senior Living 4,735


Companies With the Most Listings Paying More than $50,000 Per Year on Indeed

Company # of Listings
H&R Block 5,758
Amazon 3,115
Deloitte 2,217
JPMorgan Chase 1,690
Booz Allen Hamilton 1,334
PNC Bank 1,255
Lockheed Martin 1,248
IBM 1,221
Leidos 1,181
Oracle 1,153


Fastest-Growing Occupations

Occupation Number of Jobs in 2016 Projected Growth Rate 2016-26
Solar Photovoltaic Installer 11,300 105%
Wind Turbine Service Technician 5800 96%
Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide 2,927,600 40%
Physician Assistant 106,200 37%
Nurse Practitioner 203800 36%
Mathematician/Statistician 40,300 33%
Physical Therapist Assistant/Aide 140,300 30%
Software Developer 1,256,200 30%
Medical Assistant 634,400 29%
Occupational Therapist Assistant/Aide 46,800 28%


Right now, the unemployment rate has been lowered to an almost ten-year low of 4.1 percent, and while the percent of unemployed people can be much higher in some places, overall, the economy is doing much better than during the few years of the Great Recession. Other economic factors like GDP growth, stock market success and inflation look very healthy overall, but has it actually been trickling down to more jobs, more specifically high-paying jobs? The unemployment rate is considered to be a lagging statistic, and job growth has been a bit slow since the recession, resulting in many economists biting their nails as to what that could mean.

But clearly, there are many different companies that are recruiting now, and we’ve listed them here. The results are interesting; among places that are currently hiring is the U.S. Army, which is obviously a massive branch of the government itself. Beyond that, UPS takes the prize by far, with more than 28,000 listings (which are often seasonal). This increase in UPS jobs may be an overall result of the success of Amazon. Among the other top companies hiring now are healthcare companies, insurance firms, and a handful of tech companies, with retail and construction rounding out the list.

But who’s paying well? If you’re asking yourself, “What are the best jobs hiring now near me?” the results might be a bit different. Higher-paying jobs tend to be in insurance, banking, and technology. The company that listed the most jobs on with a salary of more than $50,000 was H&R Block, which often hires accountants. They only put up 5,758 listings, though: Compare that to 28,000 from UPS! The runner-up was Amazon, with only a fraction of that: 3,115 listings for jobs above $50,000 in yearly salary. These types of jobs seem to be a small percentage of the overall job market.

Next year, though, the answer to the question of “Where are the companies hiring near me?” could be quite different, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that green energy jobs like solar and wind turbine service positions will be on the rise, while the vast majority of newer jobs will be in healthcare. So now and in the future, when you want to know what jobs are hiring right now, the answer is likely going to be in nursing and healthcare. Software development and mathematicians will also be needed! Expect a lot of things to change in the next few years with this list, and always be on the lookout for new and fun opportunities.

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