Everything That Amazon Has Owned or Invested in Since 1998

Written by Carly Hallman

This infographic provides a timeline of all known Amazon acquisitions since the beginning, revealing possible strategies and patterns along the way.

Everything That Amazon Has Owned or Invested in Since 1998 infographic

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Everything That Amazon Has Owned or Invested in Since 1998 Transcript

Year Company and Type + Price if Known
1998 PlanetAll, Social media, 800,000 shares
1998 Junglee, Technology
1998 Bookpages.co.uk (now Amazon.co.uk), Books/media
1998 Telebook (www.telebuch.de), Books/media
1998 Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Database, $55 million
1999 Alexa Internet, Database, $250 million in stock
1999 Accept.com, Financial services, $101.7M
1999 Drugstore.com, Retail, 40% ownership
1999 GeoWorks, Technology
1999 Pets.com, Retail, 54% ownership
1999 LiveBid.com, Auction
1999 Exchange.com, E-commerce
1999 Bibliofind.com, Books/Media
1999 Musicfile.com, Music
1999 HomeGrocer.com, Supermarket, 35% ownership
1999 Gear.com, Retail, 49% ownership
1999 Tool Crib of the North, Retail
1999 Convergence Corporation, Internet, $23,000,000 in stock
1999 MindCorps Incorporated, Internet
1999 Della.com, Registry, 20% ownership
1999 Back to Basics Toys, Retail
1999 Ashford.com, Retail, 16.6% ownership
1999 Leep Technology Inc., Internet
2000 Greenlight.com, Car retail, 5% ownership
2000 Greg Manning Auctions, Inc., Auction, Investment
2000 Basis Technology, Internet, Investment
2000 Kozmo.com, Delivery, Investment
2000 WineShopper.com, Food retail, Investment
2000 Audible.com, Books/Media, Investment
2001 CatalogCity.com, Retail, Investment
2001 Egghead.com, Retail, $6,100,000
2002 CDNow, Music
2004 Joyo.com (now Amazon China), Retail, $75,000,000
2005 BookSurge LLC (now CreateSpace), Books/media
2005 Mobipocket, Books/Media
2005 CustomFlix, Books/Media
2006 Shopbop.com, Retail
2006 Wikia, Inc., Database, Investment
2007 Digital Photography Review, Reviews
Brilliance Audio, Inc., Books/media
Amie Street, Books/media, Investment
2008 Audible GmbH, Books/media, $300,000,000
2008 Without A Box, Inc., Entertainment
2008 Lovefilm International, Entertainment, Investment
2008 Animoto, Technology, Investment
2008 Fabric.com, Retail
2008 Box Office Mojo, Database/Reviews
2008 Engine Yard Inc., Internet, Investment
2008 Elestra Corp, Internet, Elastra
2008 Shelfari, Books/media
2008 Reflexive Entertainment, Video games
2008 AbeBooks, Books/media
2009 Yieldex, Internet, Investment
2009 LexCycle Inc., Books/media
2009 Booktour, Books/media, Investment
2009 Foodista, Database, Investment
2009 TalkMarket Inc., Retail, Investment
2009 SnapTell Inc., Technology
2009 Zappos.com, Retail, $1,200,000,000
2010 Touchco, Technology
2010 Woot, Retail, $110,000,000
2010 Quidsi, Inc. (Wag.com, Soap.com, Diapers.com, BeautyBar.com), Retail, $545,000,000
2010 BuyVIP, Retail, $96,500,000
Shut down by Amazon Amie Street, Music
2011 2011
Shut down by Amazon Lovefilm, Entertainment
2011 Book Depository, Books/media
2011 Pushbutton, Technology
2011 Yap Speech Cloud, Technology
2011 Quorus, E-commerce
2012 Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics), Technology, $775,000,000
2012 Teachstreet (now Amazon Local), Education
2012 Evi (Predecessor for Alexa), Technology, $26,000,000
2012 Avalon Books, Books/media
2013 IVONA Software (Predecessor for Alexa, now Amazon Polly), Technology
2013 Goodreads, Books/media
Owned or invested by Jeff Bezos The Washington Post, News, $250,000,000
Shut down by Amazon Liquavista, Technology
2013 TenMarks Education, Inc., Education
2014 Double Helix Games (now Amazon Game Studios), Video games
2014 ComiXology, Books/media
2014 Twitch, Social media, $970,000,000
2014 Amiato, Cloud services
2015 Annapurna Labs, Technology, $350,000,000
2015 2lemetry, Internet of Things, Internet
2015 ClusterK, Technology, $20-50,000,000
2015 Shoefitr, Technology
2015 Safaba Translation Systems, Technology
2015 Elemental Technologies, Technology, $350,000,000
2015 AppThwack, Technology
2016 NICE, Cloud Services
2016 Curse, Inc., Video games
2016 Biba Systems, Cloud services
2016 Cloud9 IDE, Cloud services
2016 Emvantage Payments Pvt. Ltd., Financial services
2017 Harvest.ai, Data security, $19,000,000
2017 Thinkbox Software, Technology
2017 Do.com, Productivity
2017 Souq.com, Retail, $580,000,000
2017 Whole Foods Market, Food retail, $13,700,000,000
2017 GameSparks, Technology, $10,000,000
2017 Graphiq, Artificial intelligence, $50,000,000
2017 Wing.ae, Delivery
2017 Body Labs, Artificial intelligence, $50,000,000
2017 Goo Technologies (now Amazon Sumerian), Technology
2017 Blink Home, Home Technology
2018 Ring, Home Security, $1,200,000,000
2018 PillPack, Medical, $1,000,000,000
2018 More, Retail, 49% ownership
Shut down by Amazon Tapzo, Technology, $40,000,000 cash/stock
2018 Sqrrl, Data security
2018 OpenSCG, Internet
2019 CloudEndure, Cloud computing, $200,000,000
2019 Eero, Home technology


Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the entire world and is the second-largest employer in the United States.
In 2018, Amazon’s revenue was $232.887 billion in U.S. dollars. To understand the rise of Amazon’s retail empire, it is important to trace the history of Amazon’s acquisitions and stock purchases.
Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.
Amazon.com began as an online bookstore but quickly diversified into selling video downloads and streaming, music downloads and streaming, audiobook downloads and streaming, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.
Amazon emerged as a global retailer by purchasing large websites in other countries and converting them into Amazon websites.
For example, in 1998, Amazon purchased Bookpage.co.uk and transformed it into Amazon.co.uk. Amazon also purchased many technology and artificial intelligence startups, incorporating them into products like Echo, Alexa, and Ring.

Amazon’s largest acquisition so far was Whole Foods Market, which was acquired for $13.7 billion in June of 2017.
According to Forbes, Amazon’s motivation to purchase Whole Foods was an effort to expand into brick-and-mortar retail and acquire data on grocery-buying habits and patterns to further this effort. Within 24 hours of the initial announcement, Walmart’s shares dropped 4.7%, Target’s shares dropped 5.1%, Kroger’s shares dropped 9.2%, and Amazon’s increased by 2.4%.

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