Everything That Amazon Has Owned or Invested in Since 1998

Written by Carly Hallman

This infographic provides a timeline of all known Amazon acquisitions since the beginning, revealing possible strategies and patterns along the way.

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Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the entire world and is the second-largest employer in the United States.
In 2018, Amazon’s revenue was $232.887 billion in U.S. dollars. To understand the rise of Amazon’s retail empire, it is important to trace the history of Amazon’s acquisitions and stock purchases.
Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.
Amazon.com began as an online bookstore but quickly diversified into selling video downloads and streaming, music downloads and streaming, audiobook downloads and streaming, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.
Amazon emerged as a global retailer by purchasing large websites in other countries and converting them into Amazon websites.
For example, in 1998, Amazon purchased Bookpage.co.uk and transformed it into Amazon.co.uk. Amazon also purchased many technology and artificial intelligence startups, incorporating them into products like Echo, Alexa, and Ring.

Amazon’s largest acquisition so far was Whole Foods Market, which was acquired for $13.7 billion in June of 2017.
According to Forbes, Amazon’s motivation to purchase Whole Foods was an effort to expand into brick-and-mortar retail and acquire data on grocery-buying habits and patterns to further this effort. Within 24 hours of the initial announcement, Walmart’s shares dropped 4.7%, Target’s shares dropped 5.1%, Kroger’s shares dropped 9.2%, and Amazon’s increased by 2.4%.

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