Tax Refunds Delays?

Need Some Extra Cash Now?

Written by Bonnie Gringer

The Holiday season was here in a flash and gone just as fast, often leaving behind a wake of “holiday hangovers”. After the most joyous time of year and all the added expenses that come with it, the financial aftermath can cause stress and anxiety. Behold! Tax Season has rolled in, and hopefully a substantial refund with it!

Hold tight! This year, you may be in for a longer wait than usual. A new tax law means delayed refunds for about 40 million Americans who claim certain tax credits, such as the earned income credit and additional child tax credit. This is often the toughest time of year for many people where “Getting by” becomes an act of faith, patience and resourceful life hacks for saving more and finding ways to get the cash you need, until getting back on track. The wait can feel like watching a pot of water boil.

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