The 50 U.S. Cities Where the Most People Take a Motorcycle to Work

Written by Carly Hallman

Do people ride motorcycles to work? Absolutely! If you are safe and live in a motorcycle-friendly city, motorcycle commuting can save you money and time — all while starting your day with a sense of
joy and freedom! Of course, some states are far more suitable for commuting via motorcycle than others, so the team at TitleMax has analyzed data to determine the top cities where the most people take a motorcycle to work. Check it out here:

The 50 U.S. Cities Where the Most People Take a Motorcycle to Work infographic

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What Is the Motorcycle Capital of the U.S. for Commuting?

Where do people ride motorcycles to work the most? In Key West, Florida, motorcycle commuting is all the rage! Around 3.9% of the population of Key West commutes to work via motorcycle. So is Key West motorcycle-friendly? Absolutely! Check out Visit Florida’s guide to
motorcycling through the Florida Keys to discover why. Beyond the Keys, Florida motorcycle commuting is abundant; many of the top motorcycle commuting cities are located in Florida, such as Floral City,
Holly Hill, and Osprey. Hawaii motorcycle commuting is also popular, with Napili-Honokowai coming in second place with 2.5% of the population commuting to work by motorcycle.

Is it Smart to Commute on a Motorcycle?

Is commuting on a motorcycle worth it? If the conditions in your area are suitable and you follow safe motorcycle driving practices, commuting to work on a motorcycle can save money, time, and stress. According to Progressive, studies indicate that motorcyclists
spend less time in traffic. Commuter motorcycle gas mileage averages around 60 mpg or more, which can offer significant savings
especially with gas prices skyrocketing.

Which Motorcycle Is Best for Commuting?

It depends on several factors. If you live in a congested area that allows for lane-sharing, your best bet is to opt for a more narrow motorcycle. If you have wide open roads and long distances to commute, a bigger, more comfortable bike would be ideal. Wind protection is key for more chilly
climates. Depending on the distance of your drive to work, decent fuel efficiency and a larger tank would make commuting by motorcycle more convenient. Check out this comprehensive guide to the ten best commuter
motorcycles from Here are some tips for motorcycle commuting to make the experience as enjoyable and safe as possible:

  1. Wear bright clothing with fluorescent colors. Abandon fashion for safety and visibility. If you are wearing your work clothes, don as much reflective gear as possible over them.
  2. Wear proper protective gear, including a full-face helmet and armored pants, jacket, gloves, and boots. There are full armored suits available that you can zip right over your work attire. They are often waterproof and rugged, which is an added bonus!
  3. Use hard, lockable luggage (such as saddlebags) to transport your lunch, laptop, work shoes, or anything else you need. This keeps your valuables safe from both the elements and thieves.
  4. Check your tire pressure at least once a week, and inspect the tires for damage. Staying in shape can also reduce the overall wear and tear on your motorcycle.

What U.S. State Has the Most Motorcycles?

The state with the most motorcycles per capita is Montana, which has 6,312 registered motorcycles per 100,000 residents. How many motorcycles are in Montana? In 2021, there
were a total of 68,421 registered motorcycles in Montana. The state with the most motorcycle registrations overall is California at 952,977, which is practically the population of Montana itself!

The 50 U.S. Cities Where the Most People Take a Motorcycle to Work

City Percentage of Population
1. Key West, Florida 3.9%
  1. Napili-Honokowai, Hawaii
3. Vail, Arizona 2.1%
4. Waikoloa Village, Hawaii 1.6%
5. Hurricane, Utah 1.5%
6. Floral City, Florida 1.5%
7. Holly Hill, Florida 1.5%
8. Fort Bliss, Texas 1.5%
9. Kaneohe Station, Hawaii 1.5%
10. Vashon, Washington 1.5%
11. Ione, California 1.4%
12. Barretts, Georgia 1.4%
13. West Imperial, California 1.3%
14. Osprey, Florida 1.3%
15. Zephyrhills South, Florida 1.3%
16. Bainbridge Island, Washington 1.3%
17. Alexandria, Indiana 1.3%
18. Keyes, California 1.3%
19. Ormond-by-the-Sea, Florida 1.3%
20. Eglin, Florida 1.2%
21. McAlpin-Wellborn, Florida 1.2%
22. Medulla, Florida 1.2%
23. Celina, Texas 1.2%
24. Fortuna Foothills, Arizona 1.2%
25. Hickam Housing, Hawaii 1.2%
26. Seward, Nebraska 1.2%
27. Zephyrhills West, Florida 1.2%
28. North Sarasota, Florida 1.2%
29. Sugarcreek, Pennsylvania 1.1%
30. Holualoa, Hawaii 1.1%
31. Cocoa West, Florida 1.1%
32. Safford, Arizona 1.1%
33. Newberry-Baker, California 1.1%
34. Brent, Florida 1.1%
35. Linda, California 1.1%
36. South Patrick Shores, Florida 1.1%
37. Kalaoa, Hawaii 1.1%
38. Kihei, Hawaii 1.1%
39. Edgewater, Florida 1.1%
40. Yuma, Arizona 1%
41. Minneola, Florida 1%
42. Kirtland, New Mexico 1%
43. North Port, Florida 1%
44. Mahomet, Illinois 1%
45. Surfside, Florida 1%
46. Lake Mathews, California 1%
47. Indiantown, Florida 1%
48. Hutchinson Island South, Florida 1%
49. Kua, Hawaii 1%
50. North Peninsula, Florida 1%

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