Surviving a Road Trip with Kids - Road Trip Tips + Graphic

Written by Carly Hallman

For the majority of Americans, the most important part about a family vacation or road trip is that they get to spend time with their families. But, as many of us know, that quality time won’t all be in the sunshine. A lot of it will be spent in the car. When the kids are getting antsy and traffic is at a standstill, what you need is a road trip survival guide! This infographic aims to provide just that.

Road Trip Survival Guid with Young Kids [Infographic] - TitleMax Title LoansSurviving a Road Trip with Kids infographic

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Our traveling-with-kids checklist will help you be prepared for the worst and best of what’s to come on your next family road trip. With kids, it’s important to have all of the bases covered: food, sleep, potty breaks, and mental stimulation. We’ve created a guide for how to travel with children and listed some of the most important things to worry about.

While planning a road trip with kids should cover all of those elements, a lack of mental stimulation and ensuing boredom is the one that the modern parent often forgets due to all of the available technology. It also causes a lot of distress. Use some of these games and activities, too. They can help you keep your children happy, quiet, and still having fun (and hopefully keep you sane in the process)!

Fun Road Trip Games for Kids (No Devices Necessary)

Eyestrain and motion sickness can result from too much time staring at a screen, so don’t rely on digital devices to keep your kids busy. Always have more than one plan; that’s one of the most important tips for traveling with kids in general! These are some ideas for games for when the children are low on patience and you don’t want to give them any more screen time.

Quiet-Time Travel Activities for Kids

Naturally, fun games can be loud and boisterous, and parents shouldn’t have to drive with migraines. Quiet road-trip activities for kids will help keep the noise level down when traveling with multiple children, especially at times when one of them is sleeping, and also give you a bit of a break.

Tricks for Avoiding “Are We There Yet?!”

Car travel with kids can be annoying because they often ask that horrible question every two seconds. There are some simple ways to avoid that, though, and most of them have to do with having the kids participate in keeping track of where they are.

These are the basics of how to travel with kids; many more parents have come up with some truly amazing road trip ideas. For kids looking to go on an adventure, time will certainly fly when you plan to have fun!

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