The Top 100 Colleges in the U.S., Ranked by Tuition

Written by Carly Hallman

We took a look at the top 100 universities in the U.S. to give us a better picture of what tuition looks like in 2020. Out of those universities, we found the schools with the most expensive college tuition. Listing these national universities, including both private and public colleges, by tuition, we’ve found an incredible range that isn’t necessarily based on quality! See for yourself which are the most expensive colleges in the U.S., then decide whether there’s more bang for students’ bucks!

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What Is the Most Expensive College in the U.S.?

Columbia University is the most expensive university in the USA. It has the most expensive tuition for both national universities and liberal arts colleges in general, at a grand total of $61,850. Columbia University, which ranks as the third-best college in the nation in a list by U.S. News & World Report, is by far the most expensive school in the U.S., beating out the second-place University of Chicago by $2,552 as well as all of its fellow Ivy League schools. Part of why Columbia University is the most expensive college in America may be its location; it’s on a beautiful campus in the middle of Manhattan in famously expensive New York City.

What Is the Least Expensive Private School in the US?

The least expensive private college in the United States is Brigham Young University — Provo, with a 2020 tuition of only $5,790. It ranks as the least expensive among all private colleges, including national universities, regional universities, and liberal arts colleges. “People are motivated to come (to BYU) because we’re private and cheap,” said admissions counselor Kent Norris in an interview.

What Is Ivy League Tuition Like in 2020?

Ivy League colleges, which are renowned for being some of the most prestigious and expensive colleges in the world, have some pretty high tuition:

  • Brown University: $58,504
  • Columbia University: $61,850
  • Cornell University: $57,222
  • Dartmouth College: $57,204
  • Princeton University: $51,870
  • University of Pennsylvania: $57,770
  • Yale University: $55,500

Princeton University, despite ranking as the No. 1 national university in the U.S., is $9,980 cheaper than Columbia University. It’s also the cheapest among the Ivy League schools.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in the U.S. out of the Top 100 National Universities

Of the category of “national universities,” these are the most expensive universities with the highest college tuition, including both public and private universities but not liberal arts colleges. See the list of the most expensive private U.S. colleges and universities here.

  1. Columbia University tuition: $61,850
  2. University of Chicago tuition: $59,298
  3. Tufts University tuition: $58,578
  4. Brown University tuition: $58,504
  5. Duke University tuition: $58,194
  6. University of Southern California tuition: $58,195
  7. Boston College tuition: $57,910
  8. University of Pennsylvania tuition: $57,770
  9. Brandeis University tuition: $57,561
  10. Cornell University tuition: $57,222

The Top 10 Most Affordable Schools Out of the Top 100 National Universities

Out of the country’s highest-rated national universities, these are the cheapest colleges in the U.S. with the lowest tuition. Colleges like BYU are unique in that they’re both private and incredibly cheap, whereas most others on our list are state schools with both cheap out-of-state and in-state tuition.

  1. Brigham Young University — Provo: $5,790
  2. Florida State University: Out-of-state tuition $21,673, in-state tuition $6,507
  3. Binghamton University — SUNY: Out-of-state tuition $27,791, in-state tuition $10,201
  4. University of Buffalo — SUNY: Out-of-state tuition $27,850, in-state tuition $10,180
  5. Stony Brook University — SUNY: Out-of-state tuition $28,528, in-state tuition $10,076
  6. University of Florida: Out-of-state tuition $28,658, in-state tuition $6,380
  7. Purdue University — West Lafayette: Out-of-state tuition $28,794, in-state tuition $9,992
  8. North Carolina State University — Raleigh: Out-of-state tuition $29,220, in-state tuition $9,101
  9. University of Georgia: Out-of-state tuition $31,120, in-state tuition $12,080
  10. University of Iowa: Out-of-state tuition $31,568, in-state tuition $9,605

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