Chewy Popcorn Balls Recipe – Road Trip Snacks [Video]


Popcorn Balls Snack Recipe Video - Road Trip Snacks

This snack is sure to be a winner! It’s quick and delicious, and so much more. Here’s the scoop – Popcorn Balls are rice crispy treat-like snacks, but better. They’re chewy, gooey and delicious, with all the snap, crackle and pop the kids love. What they don’t know is, Shhhh….popcorn is entirely a whole grain, contains antioxidants, fiber, and is low… Read more »

Concept Cars of Yesterday – Were the Visionaries Even Close?


Yesteryears Cars of Today Infographic

Let’s look back at the gaudy, wonderful and innovative concepts cars that were just a vision decades ago. Were the visionaries even close, or were they way off the mark? Take a look at some of the wild and crazy ideas we had for cars of future, such as the two-wheeled car that would be balanced by gyroscopes; or… Read more »

Road Trip Snack Video #2 – Homemade Spicy Chex Mix


We just released our 2nd Snack Recipe Video in our 6-part video series. These are our favorites from our 19 Snack Recipes Infographic. Chex Mix is a timeless favorite known for its multi-flavor, multi-texture crunch. Now with a tangy, spicy twist! This will be you new go-to snack to pack for your next road trip. Perfect for holiday travels too! It only takes minutes… Read more »

Colorful and Outrageous History of License Plates [Infographic]


50 Years of License Plates

Surprising, the history of license-plates began as hand-painted initials on a vehicle to identify its owner. Even more shocking is that motorized vehicles were considered “2nd class” to horse-and-rider until the early 1900’s when a law was passed giving them “equal rights”. Cars were even banned in some townships and considered “unnatural”. The rainbow of colors and history of the… Read more »

Our 1st of 19 Road-Trip Snack Recipe Videos, 19 days until Christmas!


We just released our 1st Snack Recipe Video in our series of 19, and just in time, 19 days until Christmas! If you’re starting to plan your holiday road trip and travel plans, these snacks are fun, healthy and amazingly delicious. Each and every recipe is so much fun. I actually prepared this first recipe as a family-fun activity that… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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